Food is one of the most well known things in the world, or so most of us would like to think. How many of us go to a restaurant and truly know what we are ordering unless we have pictures. So this topic is to say think about what we eat. It is fascinating to know the effort that goes in to that meal that we might think is over priced. A simple poached egg when done correctly with the right hollandaise sauce very delicious.  My friends, lots of people will not have heard such a way to cook eggs in their life. Eggs are a great part of a human’s diet, fascinating isn’t it.

Today I made eggs benedict for my mom and she was baffled by it. Being a chef in training I did not notice that lots of people don’t know as much about food as I do, or any other chef for that matter. So I encourage everyone to try new foods but before you do check the recipe and method you’ll appreciate it more. Then when you do try to savor every last bite instead of just eating to fill the gap. Its guaranteed wonderful. Last but not least appreciate the little things in life, because we won’t miss it until its gone, absence makes the heart grow fonder!

                                           thanks for reading lots…..please don’t hesitate…

                                                         yours respectfully