Heads or Tales.

At a ball game the coach wanted to figure out which child to goes first so he takes out a quarter and says heads or tales, he flips the quarter and the child goes “aaa hmm, coach is that a trick there are heads on both side  of this quarter”. I know you are thinking that must be a trick quarter, well it wasn’t in fact it has four heads on one and one on the other. This quarter is from South Dakota.

How often do we look at the quote on quote  “small change” that is in our pockets I bet not often enough! I made a not so fascinating discovery well not to everyone but to me its cool. I’ll  let you in on it “not every quarter is the same” there is at least fifty different types one for each state.  As I find out more I’ll do a follow up. After discovering it I decided to start collecting them I have fourteen now. Finding them is like an  treasure hunt.

Imagine this with me, you are at a cashier and you get your change you look down see another one so you go yes and do that little thing with your hand meanwhile not noticing that it’s a busy day at Wal-Mart and you are holding up the line. I know what you are thinking, while not impossible I doubt you can get that excited over quarters. who knows you just might like it. Something like that will make you laugh for days, just the thought of it!

The point of this article   is not about collecting coin, that’s my hobby, if you want to try its cool, but really it is about having fun in everyday life. We’ll never be totally 1oo% sure of what’s next but we do know what’s now so lets make most of it.

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