A message from an abused teen

Its quite unfair for people to judge what they don’t truly know! This “Chris Brown, Rihanna’” issue passed! YES! I did say it Chris brown Rihanna in the same sentence deal with it. We as the public have no rite to judge what happened between a couple is their dealings. They need to sort it out! Well that’s the police’s opinion when we called them. (not from America) So why is it such a big deal,a lot of people react when it hits big in the public eye but no one stands up for it when its your neighbor, cousin,best friend and or even a lady in the street, they’ll say its not your concern don’t get in because they’ll turn on you!

But I’ll say being victims of abuse is not a thing that we can get over that easy it haunts you,trust me I know I’ve been there. I read in an article that Chris Brown at thirteen peed his pants due to being scared,(if you think this if fabricated search it), now I’ve been there before and its not funny not at all that anyone and I mean anyone has to go through that.

People who have been abused is known to be either scared or to become abusers themselves. Now if we all have the privilege to have a psychiatrist or if we confront it and come to terms with it. Lots of times  guys will have a situation at home where they are helpless, but in the streets with there friends they are top of the world. That’s how they were raised boys don’t talk about feelings they are tuff so they suck it in chin up chest out They grow up with that baggage of hurt and many transform it positively and that’s there drive that is what defines them.Unfortunately not all of us are that lucky or talented.

All I’m saying it seeing things that is just too much for your brain to process at that age can interferer with your growth as a regular teen. (I’m not going to go in to details of things I’ve seen because I’m not at that stage yet where I can speak about it without crying) but it stole my teenage life and  I can do one of two things pretend it never happened or deal with it. The point is if Chris ever is able to come to terms with it,or seek help he will silently become a role model for abused teens,Especially Guys who have anger built up because of abuse urge them to speak up. Everyone has a voice but somehow today’s youth listen to the celeb’s point of view more it will be great if they can speak about this issue like they do about cancer.

Make it a strong topic all the time,so that girl who’s boy friend ,don’t live with her,don’t pay her bills,don’t do squat,) smack her around and she goes home says she got jumped, will have courage to speak up early say say something.So if you have ever been a victim of sexual,verbal or physical abuse please lets stop being victims rise above it!

P.s. on the topic of Chris Brown love the new album don’t judge based on person listen to the music get a cd if you like it.

                                                                           With love Rachel



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